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Now Enrolling K-10th Grade.

Paiedia Academies


We know the importance of starting the day right and setting the tone for the day. That’s why at Paideia Academies, we start the most important part of the day with an uplifting morning assembly, completely led by Paideia scholar leaders.

Each morning all students line up with their teachers to recite the “Grow Achieve Lead!” Paideia charge and the Scholar Mission Statement. The students then deliver leadership speeches, sing a patriotic song, and pledge allegiance to the flag before returning to class quietly and orderly to the sound of classical music.

In this way we establish a culture of highly motivated, morally based, patriotic students who are ready to learn in the “whole-child” method of Paideia!


Reciting our Scholar Mission Statement allows scholars to connect with and harness the power of their true positive nature. It enables scholars to quiet the noise and be fully present, empowering them to maintain that mindset throughout the day.


“I am a Paideia Scholar:

I am proactive by taking responsibility for my life and making good choices.
I begin with the end in mind by defining my mission and goals in life.
I put first things first by spending my time on things that matter most.
I have a win/win attitude by seeking solutions where everyone can win.
I seek first to understand, then to be understood by listening to other people’s ideas and feelings.

I synergize by working together to achieve more.
I sharpen the saw by regularly renewing my mind, heart, body, and spirit.
As a Paideia scholar I am here to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy.
I am a Paideia scholar!”

To Live – To Learn – To Love – To Leave a Legacy

What does that mean? Our students must engage in work that rises out of a great need in the world, fuels their passion, taps into their talents, and deepens their conscience to do what is right. To identify what that work may be, students are encouraged to answer the following four questions:

  1. What need do I sense in my family, in my community, and the world?
  2. Does the opportunity to meet the need tap into my passion?
  3. Do I possess a true talent that, if disciplined and applied, can meet the need?
  4. Does my conscience inspire me to take action and become involved?


To create a culture of positive unified energy, every morning Paideia students recite the Paideia Charge: “Grow, Achieve, Lead!”

This “Call to Action” statement is based on the idea that we first must GROW, then we can ACHIEVE and then LEAD. To greet the scholars before morning assembly, the scholar leader asks… “Paideia scholars… what do we do?!”

Grow, achieve, lead!

Grow, achieve, lead!

Grow, achieve, lead!

Paideia Power!!!


Every morning Paideia students show their patriotism by singing a patriotic song and pledging allegiance to the flag. This activity creates a powerful culture of unity as we use “one school, one voice” to pledge allegiance. We are sensitive to varying religions and would never force anyone to participate in this activity.

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