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Dear Paideia Community,

Official Notice – All Paideia campuses are closed through the end of the school year to include the Terrace Campus housing grades 1-8 and Baseline Campus housing preschool and Kindergarten.

I want to sincerely thank our teachers and staff for their monumental work over the past 2 weeks. This is a time of uncertainty, exploration, trial and error and discovery for all of us. When told on March 13th that all schools in Arizona would be closed, the Paideia community of teachers and staff immediately went to work figuring out how to deliver rigorous learning through an online format. I also want to acknowledge the parents and scholars who immediately went to work on ClassDojo, Google Classroom, Study Island and other online modes of learning. Very impressive!

The intent of this email message is to officially communicate with the Paideia community – teachers, staff, scholars, parents/guardians – that while the Paideia physical campus has been closed, Paideia Academy is still very much open but in a different format of online learning. The following are our expectations of all Paideia scholars:

  • Check in with your teacher via Classdojo, Google Classroom every day.
  • Attend to online learning as directed by your teacher every weekday.
  • Attend video meetings as directed by your teacher.
  • Complete your assignments on time as directed by your teacher.
  • Turn your assignments in via ClassDojo, email or Google Classroom

To support you in your online learning, the Paideia IT department under the direction of Mr. Rodriguez will make available laptop computers to families who demonstrate a need. We only have a few laptops available and want to make sure they go to families with genuine need. Please communicate with your teacher if you have a genuine need for a laptop computer.

To further support your online learning, each of the grade levels have orchestrated “grab & go” events. This is a time when parents can drive up to the school and a teacher will place hard copies of learning materials through the window to your car. Please stay tuned to your scholar’s teacher through ClassDojo or Google Classroom.

To further support your family, Mrs. Torres-Rivas sends out information of locations where you can get food. Stay tuned to ClassDojo and email for locations and times when food may be distributed from the Paideia campus.

I sincerely hope we are back in school on April 13th. Even so, it is wise to prepare ourselves to be in the online learning mode for the remainder of the year. It is extremely important for every scholars to be apply all the habits in your learning.

  1. Be proactive by taking charge of your learning.
  2. Begin with the end in mind by planning out your week and what you want to accomplish.
  3. Put first things first by prioritizing your studies and learning activities.
  4. Think Win/Win by organizing your time to share the computers with your family
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood by listening carefully to what your teachers are asking you to do
  6. Synergize by working together with your teacher and peers in this online learning format
  7. Sharpen your saw by getting enough sleep, exercise and eating good foods

We will get through this and even celebrate our efforts in the years to come!

I have full faith and confidence in the Paideia community!

I am a Paideia scholar!

Brian Winsor

Dr. Brian Winsor
President/Executive Director
Paideia Academies, Inc.

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