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Now Enrolling K-10th Grade.

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NEXUS - Nature Play

So, what is Nexus Nature Play

The word "Nexus" originates from the Latin word nectere, meaning to bind or tie together. It also means:

  • A connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
  • The central and most important point or place.

Nature, as defined by Paideia is all around us if we have the eyes and spirit to see it! We have invested thousands of dollars along with nature-based health research to create the foundation of a whole-person nature scape at Paideia. Scholars are provided time each day to explore and interact with their natural surroundings:

  • Whole-Person Sanctuary includes gardens, pollinator plants, trees, vines, Koi Pond and a poultry project.
  • North Meadow includes space to run, play or to sit under the shade trees with friends.
  • Nature Nook is a quiet space surrounded by vines and plants where scholars can calmly interact with books, games, art, music and socially interact with friends.
  • Nature Cafe includes tables under shady trees for socializing, reading, playing games or studying all while snacking or eating breakfast and lunch.
  • South Forest includes a boulder canyon with Farm-pump-generated river and lakes, a bioswale with rocks and trees, tree stumps and logs to balance and build, shade trees, boulders, a hiking path and other natural play items to spark curiosity, physical activity, cooperation and social connection.

Through Nexus Nature-Play activities scholars take whole-person development into nature. Scholars and teachers report leaving the Nexus Nature-Play feeling relaxed, clear-headed, less stressed, limber, and, most importantly, recharged and ready to learn!

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