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Now Enrolling K-10th Grade.

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So, what is Nexus

This word originates from the Latin word nectere, meaning to bind or tie together. It also means:

  • A connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
  • The central and most important point or place.

Here at Paideia, we’ve taken a very unique approach to exercise, wellness, and overall health. In thinking of a way to combine physical fitness, mindfulness, and overall well being of the mind, body, and spirit, we came up with Nexus. Nexus combines physical fitness, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, visualization, and peace of mind to create a unique atmosphere of learning for our scholars. They will leave Nexus feeling relaxed, clear-headed, less stressed, limber, and, most importantly, recharged and ready to learn!

Our instructor will take them through a journey of mind and body connection, helping scholars unlock their ability to reach true peace of mind, body, and soul. Paideia scholars are provided with every tool they need to succeed.

Nexus focuses on meditation, deep breathing, visualization, and peace of mind for at least 15 minutes of the class period each day. Then for the next 15 minutes of class, scholars break into groups and visit stations designed to help them improve their team-building skills, balance, coordination, agility, core strength, and stability. Once these two portions of the class have finished, scholars participate in 5 minutes of mindfulness. These final minutes are similar to the first portion of class with deep breathing and visualization exercises designed to ease the mind and recharge the scholars’ batteries for the rest of the day.


If there was one takeaway from this we could give, it would be understanding and acceptance. By that we mean understanding the importance of having a clear mind, the importance of obtaining peace of mind, and the importance of a mind-body-spirit connection. In Nexus, we strive to offer a holistic approach to educate scholars on the importance of nurturing the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Scholars will learn the skills they need to grow individually in each of these areas. Also, scholars will learn to accept that things are going to happen in our lives that are not 100% controllable – if controllable at all – but how we react to those things is what makes all the difference. If we take a step back and learn to approach every situation in a similar manner, we should receive similar results.

Scholars will collaborate on this journey of discovery in order to fully focus the body, mind, heart, and spirit in disciplined pursuit of the Paideia Whole Person Paradigm. Through this connection, scholars will obtain the necessary tools to find their soul's code and better practice the 8th Habit."

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