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Now Enrolling K-10th Grade.

Paiedia Academies


In our commitment to whole-person development, our physical education (P.E.) program aligns with the standards outlined by Arizona State Standards for each grade level. Using the Presidential Fitness Curriculum, scholars build an appreciation for the elements of physical fitness. Scholars attend physical education class at least once per week, building on foundational skills to promote physical wellbeing and health.

Physical education in a school curriculum not only builds healthy habits; it promotes physical and emotional health. The active nature of physical education invites children to tune into their body and their emotions – by default, developing a practice of self-awareness. With physical education, children learn to identify their emotions and manage them. In addition, the chemicals that are naturally produced by our bodies by being active also help our scholars experience increased levels of confidence.

Our physical education program also provides the benefits of cultivating a child’s character through the art of teamwork. Children develop relationship skills, communication skills, and improve their social engagement.

At Paideia Academies, we know that whole-person – body, mind, heart, spirit – development are interconnected. We carefully select every part of our curriculum for the all-encompassing success of the whole child. Our P.E. program is just one of the many well thought-out pieces in our curriculum that brings together scholar leaders at Paideia Academy.

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